Public Housing

Public Housing

The core purpose of our agency is to ensure that our residents have the opportunities and resources they need to achieve their goals, not just to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing. HHA currently provides a variety of housing options to low-income individuals and families: more than 1700 rental apartments, including 1807 units of public housing. We serve all members of our community, including seniors, families, individuals and persons with disabilities, which meet the eligibility criteria for our programs. HHA partners with community agencies throughout city of Huntsville and Madison County to link our residents to services such as education, substance abuse and youth programs, financial services and job training and life skills.

Apartment Communities
HHA maintains a diverse portfolio of apartment communities located throughout the city of Huntsville that are dedicated to low-income residents. The housing units range in size from efficiencies to five-bedroom apartments to single family homes, and have rent amounts that are well below market rates. The large majority  of these properties are managed and operated by HHA. Some of our apartments are public housing, which is directly subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and managed by HHA. Rent amounts in public housing are set at 30 percent of the household’s monthly income.  HHA also manages Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties in Huntsville. To learn more about about our housing options, please click HERE!


Applying for Public Housing

 HHA accepts applications in person at the Central Office location Monday through Thursday from 7:00am to 6:30pm.

The Public Housing Intake and Admissions office is located at:

200 Washington Street NE
Huntsville, AL 35801

If you live outside the city limits and are unable to download an application online, you can request an application be mailed to you (request by phone, fax or email through the Contact page).

All applicants are reminded that if they are found eligible for public housing, they will need to provide $100 to HHA for their security deposit, and $300 to Huntsville Utilities to establish a utilities account in their name for their new apartment.

Phone: 256-539-0774 OR 256-532-5677
Fax: 256-535-2242

Public Housing Application (click to print): English  or  Español

Senior/Disabled Communities Inquiries

HHA has one public housing high-rise apartment building designated for both seniors and disabled individuals, Johnson Towers. We also have The Todd, which is a “seniors only” public housing high-rise apartment building, serving only those 62 years of age or older.  The average wait period for these communities is 3 to 6 months for eligible families.  To learn more about these building and how to apply, please contact the Intake and Admissions staff at 256-539-0774 OR 256-532-5677.

What are the eligibility requirements to qualify for public housing?

Applying for Public Housing – Eligibility Requirements

  • An applicant must qualify as an individual or family as defined by Huntsville Housing Authority (HHA).
  • Head of household must be at least 19 years of age at the time of application or an emancipated minor by a court of competent jurisdiction, consistent with State law.
  • Family must have annual income at the time of admission that does not exceed the established income limits at the time of admission according to the maximum income by family size established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Applicant and all adult members of the family must pass a criminal background check.
  • Applicant or any member of the family that has ever been convicted of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine on the premises of any federally-assisted housing or any family household member that is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a state sex offender registration program will not be eligible for housing assistance.
  • Applicant and all members of the family must provide documentation of social security numbers for all family members or certify that they do not have social security numbers at the time of initial eligibility interview.
  • Applicant and all members of the family must meet HUD requirements on citizenship or immigration status.
  • Applicant or any member of the family who currently owes rent or other amounts to HHA or any other housing authority will not be offered assistance until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

The Huntsville Housing Authority does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, marital status, familial status, national origin, age, pregnancy, disability, ancestry, or sexual orientation in the access to, admission into, or employment in, housing programs or activities.

What are the income limits to qualify for public housing?

Public Housing is available only to low-income families and individuals. Households with income greater than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for their household size are not eligible for public housing.

HUD Published Income Limits for Huntsville / Madison County, Alabama:

2017 Income Limits for Public Housing

After a family qualifies, how much time does it take to move into public housing?

Once the family is notified that they qualify for assistance, they will be placed on an “Eligible” waiting list of approximately two to four weeks. The family is offered a unit suitable for their needs and appropriate bedroom size based on the family composition.

Does Huntsville Housing Authority (HHA) have accessible apartments for person with disabilities?

Yes, we have accessible apartments for persons with disabilities at many of the development sites owned and operated by the agency.

How can a family be considered for assistance?

Once an application is accepted, it is placed on a waiting list for approximately one to six months. Within that time, the family will also be notified of necessary documents they must bring to their interview.

How does a family apply for Public Housing assistance?

Anyone interested in applying for public housing can apply here and download and complete an application form.  Applications can also be picked up at HHA’s Central Office, located at 200 Washington Street, Huntsville, AL 35801. Special accommodations are provided for individuals with disabilities or who may live outside the Huntsville area.  For more information, call the Central Office at (256) 532-5677.

How does a family qualify for assistance?

Once a family has submitted all the documentation required and it has been verified, then the family will be notified accordingly.

What are the income limits to be eligible for Public Housing?

How does the Public Housing Program assist families toward home ownership?

HHA supports self-sufficiency initiatives for public housing families through various supportive services which prepare families toward home ownership through the Family Self-sufficiency (FSS) Program and the Home Ownership program. For more information these and other supportive services, please call the HHA Resident Services department at 256-532-5630.

How much rent and deposit will a family pay for the apartment?

The rent a family will pay for an apartment is based on the total family annual income. Each family pays approximately 30 percent of their adjusted monthly income (minimum rent $50.00). The security deposit required is $100.00. Each head of household (HOH) must be able to open a utility account in their name with Huntsville Utilities.

Is a family member without immigration status ineligible for public housing assistance?

Not necessarily. A family that consists of one or more family members who do not have eligible immigration status may apply and qualify for assistance. However, the rent they pay will be prorated based on the number of family members that do not have eligible immigration status. In other words, a family will pay a higher rent based on the ineligible immigration status of one or more family members. Rent will be recalculated once proof of eligible immigration status is submitted to HHA.

Who and how does the Public Housing Program help?

The Public Housing Program helps low and moderate income families in Huntsville by providing safe, decent, and affordable housing that is subsidized with federal tax dollars that HHA receives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as appropriated each year by Congress.

Who and how does a family update their contact information or number of members in the application while on the waiting list?

Stop by the Central Office, located on 200 Washington Street, Huntsville, AL 35801 to make appropriate updates.  No appointment is required.  Some examples are:

  • Update mailing address and contact number
  • Adding or removing family composition (This update is crucial to place the client in the appropriate bedroom size waitlist)

Will I be allowed to smoke in my apartment?

As of July 1, 2018, all public housing properties are 100% smoke free. Tenants, their guests and HHA staff will not be allowed to smoke on HHA property.

Where do I send my rent payment?

Please hand-deliver or mail your rent payment to your property management site office. HHA only accepts checks or money orders. NO CASH, please. Your check or money order must be for the exact amount of rent due, plus any additional fees such as the late fee. HHA DOES NOT accept partial payments. All current and past due rent must be paid at the same time, or the payment will be returned.

Who should I make my my payment payable to?

All payments should be made payable to Huntsville Housing Authority.

When is rent considered late and what is the late fee amount?

Rent is late on the 16th of each month. A $35 late fee will be assessed on your monthly rental amount. Legal proceedings for non-payment of rent can be legally filed as early as the 1st of the next month.

Can I have a pet?

Yes, you can have certain pets as long as they don’t disturb your neighbors.  To learn more about our pet policy,click here.

How can I add someone to my lease?

If you would like to add someone to your lease, please contact your property manager. They will help you get started with the process.

What do I do if my income drops?

If your income changes (goes down OR up), let your property manager know immediately. You have ten (10) days from date of the change to inform your manager. The manager will calculate the change in your rent. Failure to report a change is a serious violation of your lease.

What should I do if I’m having problems with a neighbor?

If you are having problems with one of your neighbors, please share your concerns with your property manager to determine the appropriate next steps, and to get advice on available resources to help resolve the situation.

Where do I go with a maintenance request?

If your apartment needs a repair, contact the HHA Maintenance line at 256-536-2521. Please be as detailed as possible when describing your maintenance issue. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality maintenance service. Our service staff will respond as soon as possible.

Am I allowed to smoke in my apartment?

As of July 1, 2018, all public housing properties are100% smoke free. Tenants, their guests and HHA staff will not be allowed to smoke on HHA property.

Who Does Public Housing Help?

  • % Adults w/ children
  • % Elderly adults w/ children
  • % Elderly
  • % Disabled adults w/ children
  • % Disabled adults
  • % Childless adults

Source: Percentages from CBPP tabulation of 2016 HUD administrative data

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