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The section 8 – HCV department will be determining eligibility on waiting list numbers 2944- 3759 in the next 30 days!

Find your position number here


To find your position number you will need the confirmation ID you received when you applied for Section 8 waiting list during the 4/1/2014 – 4/15/2014 sign up period.  Check the list at the bottom of this page and match your ID to the list in the left hand column. To the right of the arrow, you can find your corresponding waiting list position number.


Applicants must inform HHA, in writing, if you have a change of address!

As stated by the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan, Chapter 4-III.D. NOTIFICATION OF SELECTION, If a notification letter is returned to HHA with no forwarding address, the family will be removed from the waiting list.  A notice of denial (see Chapter 3) will be sent to the family’s address of record, as well as to any known alternate address.
As stated by the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan, 4-III.E.  THE APPLICATION INTERVIEW,

HHA Policy

Families selected from the waiting list are required to participate in an eligibility interview. All adult members of the household are required to attend the interview.
The interview will be conducted only if the head of household or spouse/cohead provides appropriate documentation of legal identity.  (Chapter 7 provides a discussion of proper documentation of legal identity).  If the family representative does not provide the required documentation, the appointment may be rescheduled when the proper documents have been obtained.

In all circumstances, if a family does not attend a scheduled interview, HHA will send another notification letter with a new interview appointment time.  Applicants who fail to attend two scheduled interviews without HHA approval will be denied assistance based on the family’s failure to supply information needed to determine eligibility.  A notice of denial will be issued in accordance with policies contained in Chapter 3.

Your application for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) will be withdrawn from our waiting list if you fail to provide all required/requested information.  In accordance with 24 CFR 960.259(a) and 24 CFR 982.551(b), the family must supply any information that the PHA or HUD determines necessary in the administration of public housing and Section 8 programs. And in the Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan, Chapter 4, Section 4-III.E.

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